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Allen Corporation of America, Inc.

Logistics Sustainment Training


Logistics Services Division develops TRADOC Systems Approach Training (SAT) compliant training and instructional planning development. 
Logistics Services Division conducts New Equipment Training (NET) and refresher training in the course of conducting fieldings.
Logistics Services Division supports the U.S. Army Logistics Corps in designing, developing, and delivering quality training and training materials to support a variety of software and hardware technologies. 
Logistics Services Division ensures that the most effective tools are provided and that intensive planning precedes the execution phase to guarantee success and a qualified Soldier. 
Logistics Services Division provides two categories of training - functional and technical. 
Functional Training focuses on users, operators, and those providing oversight, e.g., supervisors and managers.
Technical training is designed to impart skills to those supporting and sustaining the logistics systems and automation architecture.

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